Healing Crisis Detoxing with Essential Oils

healing crisis essential oils

Healing Crisis……Detoxing is Worth it!

My body was so toxic from years of digestive issues when I started using essential oils.  I began feeling worse than ever as the oils attacked the toxins and my body tried to get rid of them.  I did not know what was happening to me and I was tempted to call it quits, but I knew first-hand how these oils have healed other issues for me and my husband, so I was determined to push through and get to my goal of healing the root cause of these problems.

Our bodies do have “reactions” to essential oils. That is why we find them so desirable and beneficial, but in some cases, a person can have a reaction that is too intense. The oil may need more dilution, or they may be having a detox reaction, which is also known as a “healing crisis.” These “reactions” are actually a good sign that the body is attempting to get rid of toxins. Attempts to “stop” the symptoms, will stop the body’s detoxification process.

It’s essential that you drink at least ½ your body’s weight in ounces of pure water daily, and it may prove beneficial to add a few drops of citrus oils to every quart of water to help facilitate moving the toxins out of the lymph system.

 Detox Symptoms

This Healing Crisis can sometimes present symptoms that make you feel worse as the body deals with cleaning out impurities and restoring balance. Such reactions are temporary and can occur immediately or within several days or even weeks of a detox. They usually pass within 1-3 days, but can last for weeks. Some cleansing protocols cause a large scale die-off of bacteria, and a significant amount of toxins within the bacteria itself are released into the body.

 Here are some possible symptoms of a healing crisis:

extreme fatigue
headache (possibly caused by buildup of toxins in the blood or acidity)
aches and pain similar to the flu
insomnia (possibly due to acidity)
sinus congestion
fever (usually low grade)
drop in blood pressure
skin eruption including boils, hives, rashes
cold or flu-like symptoms
strong emotions and/or mood swings

What Should I do?

Dr. David Stewart, author of Chemistry of Essential Oils, suggests that when a detox reaction happens, you may want to stop using the oil for a time or reduce the frequency and/or quantity of use in order to slow down the release of toxins. I chose to push through by reducing the frequency because I could see that my body was getting better and I wanted to get these toxins out!

Acidic or Alkalinic?

People with acidic body conditions (low pH) are more prone to unpleasant detox reactions, such as skin rashes, than those with a more alkaline (healthy) body chemistry. Acids attack oils and destroy them, which means an acidic system does not respond to essential oils as well as a healthy, alkaline system. Acidic people may respond negatively to the scent of essential oils saying, “That stinks,” or “I can’t take that smell,” or “That essential oil gives me a headache.” This reaction is not because the oils themselves are unpleasant. What is unpleasant is that the oils have stirred up toxins which need to be eliminated. It is the toxins that cause the unpleasantness. When a person’s acidity and toxicity levels are reduced, they will find that they actually like and enjoy the very fragrance they formerly could not tolerate. It is when our bodies are acidic that disease can grow and flourish.


Those that soak up essential oils like sponges are alkaline people whose bodies readily accept and utilize them. Incorporating essential oils into one’s daily life will increase the alkalinity of the body.


Detoxing Naturally:

  1. Drink lots of Water:  This helps us move everything through the body.
  2. Use Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Citrus oils like lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange are great for helping the liver naturally detox. I add them to my water. Lemongrass is a powerful emotional cleanser. 1-2 drops on the bottoms of the feet in the morning or diffuse. Peppermint helps with headaches. DiGize or Frankincense will help calm any nausea or major cramping.
  3. Epsom Salt Baths: Soak for at least 30 minutes and use about 2-4 cups per bath. This will help draw those toxins out and support the body while helping to soothe and relax. Add Lavender essential oil for further relaxation and calmness.

I can personally say that if you can push through the detox period, you will find renewed energy and feel great as your body reestablishes healthy function. My body is functioning better than it has done in years!


Stay the course,



DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. The information shared in this blog is not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any illness, nor is it meant to replace professional medical attention or advice. Advice and testimonies are all based on use of Young Living brand of oils specifically. Use and application of this information is done solely at your own risk.

Grounding Essential Oil


Grounding Essential Oil

The name of this oil really describes its effects on your mind, body and spirit. This oil has been really helpful to me on this emotional rollercoaster ride of sitting with a parent in end stage kidney failure and walking through the stages of letting go with the other parent.  Personally it aids in a restful sleep for me.

This oil will stabilize and calm a person upon first application. This is a good oil for those who are simply in denial of their own true reality. Many times this happens because we just don’t know how to deal with the emotional aspect of what we are going through, so we get paralyzed and can’t move forward. This oil can help.

It contains 7 essential oils blended together to stabilize emotions and bring a sense of calm as it reaches the nervous system.

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Cananga odorata) has antidepressant, antispasmodic and sedative properties. It balances the male and female energies of the body. My favorite Oil!
  • Spruce Essential Oil (Picea mariana) has anti-inflammatory properties and helps us combat infection. Emotionally, it is grounding and releasing.
  • Cedarwood Essential Oil (Cedras atlantica) has anti-infectious, anti-fungal and sedative properties. It stimulates the pineal gland which releases melatonin. It is calming and purifying. My husband’s favorite oil!
  • Juniper Essential Oil (Juniperus osteosperma) has antiseptic, cleanser, detoxifier, diuretic and antispasmodic properties. It is a detoxifier and a cleanser.
  • White Fir Essential Oil (Abies concolor) has analgesic, antiseptic, sedative and tonic properties. It is very grounding and anchoring. It relaxes the body, while stimulating the mind.
  • Pine Essential Oil (Pinus sylvestris) has antiseptic, antibacterial antimicrobial antiviral and expectorant properties. Dilates and opens up the respiratory system, particularly the bronchial tract.
  • Angelica Essential Oil (Angelica archangelica) anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Helps to release and let go of negative emotions. Super important if you are stuck in the angry stage of emotion.

Documented Uses for Grounding Essential Oil Abuse, anger, balance, cancer (emotional side), clearing, confusion, Cushing’s disease, despair, disappointment, grounding, overwhelmed, panic, progesterone, rejection, shock, spacing out and transition in life.

Application:  This oil can be applied undiluted.

Apply several drops (2-4) on ears, throat, back of neck, wrists or temples or on the vitaflex points of the feet

Inhale or diffuse

So if you need a little “grounding”, this oil is for you!


Purification Essential Oil from Young Living


Purification is a blend of six antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal oils: Lemongrass, Melaleuca, Rosemary, Lavendin, Citronella. It is purifying, uplifting and has tissue regenerating properties.

Purification is great for the skin and has helped skin inflammation, infections, cuts and scrapes.

Here are a few documented uses:

  1. Air purifying – eliminates odors instead of covering them up
  2. Bee stings, acne, chickenpox  – helps the inflammation and swelling
  3. Mildew – kills it
  4. Canker sores/ulcers – may keep them from opening up.
  5. Leg cramps – the lemongrass in this blend settles the legs and works on the itching sometimes associated with restless legs.

This oil is part of the promotion this month if you order PV $190 you get purification, lemon, and citrus fresh free in June.


Join the journey,



Idaho Blue Spruce Essential Oil




Idaho Blue Spruce seems to be the unsung hero in my opinion. I rarely see a lot of info shared about this oil, but in our house it is an amazing resource.


Idaho blue spruce is an exclusive oil that is distilled directly from Young Living’s St. Maries farm in Idaho. This incredible oil contains high percentages of alpha-pinene and limonene, with a pleasing evergreen aroma that relaxes both mind and body.


This oil has been known to raise testosterone levels. 


Here are just a few documented uses for Idaho Blue Spruce:

1. Muscle Pain: Soak in a hot tub of water with a drop to soothe sore muscles. Or just put a drop or two over the concerned muscle, smooth it in, and the oil does most of the work of relieving the strain


2. Nerve Pain: One testimony: I put three drops of IBS dotted just in front of my ear all the way down to my chin for nerve pain during a tooth infection and after tooth extraction which had damaged the nerve. No other oil or combinations of oils even came close to bringing my level 10 pain down to a zero.


3. Raises Male testosterone levels: Dr. Purser reported that after two weeks of taking eight drops of IBS by capsule once a day, men raised their testosterone levels by 30%. My husband has found that this oil alone eliminates the need for compounded testosterone gel. We can also attest to the fact that it improves energy levels and mood.


4. Regenerate the Spinal Column: FROM www.tiffanyrowan.comWhen news got back from Young Living’s 2013 Convention that this oil was being used in studies on the spinal column, I began using and suggesting this oil for my autistic followers (read the disclaimer at the bottom of this website). Here is the article I wrote about healing the vagal nerve to reverse autistic-type symptoms. Since the vagal nerve deposits into the spinal column, it just makes sense to use Idaho Blue Spruce for kids with autism.”


5.  Weight Loss: Idaho Blue Spruce contains citral which is used to reduce brown fat. That’s the internal fat that occupies space where your organs belong. That means it’s pushing your organs out of place causing a lot of discomfort. For this I would use 3-5 drops in a capsule once a day.


Source: www.tiffanyrowan.com



I order it every month, even though it only comes in a 5 ml bottle, I’ll gladly pay $25 per month to replace the prescription testosterone @$455 per month.


Try Idaho Blue Spruce,




Young Living Essential Oils – Aroma Life

aromalifeAroma Life Essential Oil

I first looked into this oil when it came up as a recommendation on my Zyto Scan. I was mostly interested in its use for plaque build up in the arteries, but found that it is used for so much more. I found this testimony which I thought was interesting:

Testimony source: http://www.essential-oils-information-center.com/Aroma-Life.html

“An emergency on a Boeing 777 between Honolulu and San Francisco Over the speakers came an urgent request for a physician. Of the two doctors who responded, one had
none of the tools of her trade with her. The other was armed with a stethoscope, a blood pressure cup,  and two bottles of essential oils!

The passenger with the emergency was disoriented, babbling in a language the doctors didn’t understand, and was trying to tear off his shirt. The second doctor diagnosed him as hypoxic (lack of oxygen to the brain), and having high blood pressure because his heart was racing.

This medical doctor pulled out a bottle of the Peace & Calming essential oil blend, told the passenger to breathe deeply, and his breathing slowed. Next, he sprinkled the Aroma Life blend to the man’s chest and neck. The unprepared physician told the prepared physician not to do this, but he did it anyway. Pretty soon, the man began to breathe more slowly and became increasingly calm.

By this time, the captain needed to know whether the flight should continue to San Francisco or return to Honolulu. Both medical doctors then confirmed that the passenger’s blood pressure had returned to normal!

By the time the plane landed, the passenger with the emergency was composed and was speaking calmly in English.”

How does it work?
This blend has been known, through extensive research, to help strengthen and improve the cardiovascular, circulatory and lymphatic systems. It helps lower blood pressure, reduces stress, a natural remedy for migraines and helps to alleviate hemorrhoids. It is a blend of the following oils:

1. Helichrysum – known to improve circulation and reducing plaque deposits from the veins and arteries. Some sources also state that it assists in regulating  cholesterol.

2. Ylang Ylang – has been used to help balance heart function. Some health professionals also use it to treat tachycardia and high blood pressure. Balances male and female energies.

3. Marjoram – known for its ability to relieve muscle spasms, calm nervous tension and to help regenerate smooth muscle tissue.

4. Cypress – is known for improving circulation and strengthening the vascular system and reducing water retention.

How to Use Aroma Life –

This blend has a nice aroma. For a high blood pressure, massage 1-2 drops of Aroma Life over the heart and Vita Flex points; and the heart and carotid arteries on the neck.

The Vita Flex point on the hand is about one inch down from your ring finger on your palm of your left hand. The elbow point is just inside the elbow towards the hand.

You can wear it as perfume, rub a drop or two on the chest or vitaflex points, diffuse or add 2-4 drops to your bath water. Diluting with a carrier oil may be necessary.

Documented uses:

Aneurysm, angina, arterial vasodilator, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, high blood pressure (hypertension), stop bleeding, blood vessels, brain, shortness of breath, cardiovascular system, chelation (plaque and metals), circulation, high cholesterol, dizziness, edema, eye lid drop (drooping eye lids), headaches, heart (tonic and stimulant), joint stiffness/pain, large valve, palpitations (rapid and forceful contraction of the heart), hemorrhoids, hormonal system, kidneys, inflammation of kidney (nephritis), heart failure/attack, lungs, pulmonary conditions, lymphatic system decongestant and balance, memory, mental fatigue, migraine headaches, muscles (bruised), phlebitis, skin elasticity, Raynaud’s Disease, sciatica, shock, skin, stress, stroke (thrombotic), tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), toxemia, varicose veins (spider veins) and vascular system.

Information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Recommendations are based on the pure therapeutic quality of Young Living Essential Oils only. Other oils may not be 100% pure or safe to use in this way. Please consult your doctor before using in conjunction with any medications or to treat any life-threatening condition.


Freedom From Addictions | Young Living Essential Oils

addiction and essential oils

Can Essential Oils Support Freedom from Addictions?

My husband suddenly noticed that he no longer wanted his four cups of coffee he was used to drinking each morning.  In fact, he realized this as he could not bring himself to finish his first cup! As we discussed why this was happening, I told him that his daily routine of oils was cleansing his body of toxins and removing the cravings, thereby causing his body to reject the reintroduction of them.

Addiction is characterized by the inability to consistently abstain, impairment in behavioral control, craving, diminished recognition of significant problems with one’s behaviors and interpersonal relationships, and a dysfunctional emotional response.

Addictions can include substances such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, as well as sodas, caffeine, chocolate, sugars, or even food itself.  Behaviors such as gambling, sex, internet and other habits that cannot be controlled, can cause psychological dependencies and be classified as addictions.

A symptom of addiction is the feeling of being compelled to continue the negative activity. This can lead to feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and anxiety. Withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, irritability, headaches, and nausea can result when addictions are addressed.

Essential oils can strengthen resolve, reduce cravings, and address many of the negative symptoms. Here are the oils that can help with these symptoms:

*Cravings: Clove, Cilantro, Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Peppermint

*Anxiety: Lavender, Ylang Ylang

*Workaholic: Basil, Geranium, Lavender, Marjoram, Orange, Ylang Ylang

*Withdrawal: Lavender, Grapefruit, Marjoram, Sandalwood, Orange, citrus oils

*Alcohol: Helichrysum, Rosemary

*Caffeine: Basil,  Grapefruit

*Drugs: Grapefruit, Chamomile. (Marijuana: Basil)

*Food: Grapefruit

*Sugar: Grapefruit

*Tobacco: Clove, Black Pepper

It’s a journey,
Lori G

Fighting Superbugs with Essential Oils

essential oils superbug

What is a superbug? 

The scenario is the same, played out countless times every day. It’s part of our everyday lives. We talk about it all the time. We get sick. We go to the doctor. We have an infection. We get what?… an antibiotic.  Bacterial infections range from mild conditions (eg. minor skin or ear infections) to potentially deadly illnesses (eg. meningitis, pneumonia or staph bloodstream infections).  But what happens when those medicines no longer work?

Superbugs are strains of bacteria that have changed (or mutated) after coming into contact with an antibiotic. Once this happens, these bacteria are ‘resistant’ to the antibiotic to which they have been exposed, which means the antibiotic can’t kill the bacteria or stop them from multiplying.

So you end up with bacteria in effect equipped with “bullet proof vests” that deflect our “magic silver bullets” of antibiotics, says Peter Collignon, a professor of infectious diseases and microbiology at the Australian National University.

You may say, “I’m not worried about that, I don’t take that many antibiotics. If I really get sick antibiotics should work on me.”  The overuse of antibiotics in people is not the whole story.  Collignon says almost two thirds of antibiotic misuse occurs in the agricultural sector, where livestock are routinely given these drugs to help prevent illness and promote growth.

Last-line antibiotics given to chickens and other livestock cause superbugs to develop. These superbugs can then easily transfer to the human population’s food and water supply and increase the risk of antibiotic resist bacteria in people.

“There is ample evidence if you stop giving certain drugs to animals there are a lot less superbugs in people,” Collignon says.    Source: ABC Health and Well Being

The World Health Organization has identified antibiotic resistance as one of the greatest threats facing human health.

Can Essential Oils Fight the Superbug?

Essential oils could be a cheap and effective alternative to antibiotics and potentially used to combat drug-resistant hospital superbugs, according to research presented at the Society for General Microbiology’s spring meeting in Edinburgh.

Professor Yiannis Samaras and Dr Effimia Eriotou, from the Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands, in Greece, who led the research, tested the antimicrobial activity of eight plant essential oils. They found that thyme essential oil was the most effective and was able to almost completely eliminate bacteria within 60 minutes.
The essential oils of thyme and cinnamon were found to be particularly efficient antibacterial agents against a range of Staphylococcus species. Strains of these bacteria are common inhabitants of the skin and some may cause infection in immunocompromised individuals. Drug-resistant strains, such as meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are extremely difficult to treat. “Not only are essential oils a cheap and effective treatment option for antibiotic-resistant strains, but decreased use of antibiotics will help minimize the risk of new strains of antibiotic resistant micro-organisms emerging,” said Professor Samaras.

The Greek team believes essential oils could have diverse medical and industrial applications. “The oils — or their active ingredients — could be easily incorporated into antimicrobial creams or gels for external application. In the food industry the impregnation of food packaging with essential oils has already been successfully trialled. They could also be included in food stuffs to replace synthetic chemicals that act as preservatives,” they said. Source:  Sciencedaily.com

The entire reason I started researching and using essential oils was to help my family and friends gain a level of wellness in their lives. Certainly, drug companies don’t want us to know this type of information. They keep working on a better pill.  All along help can be found in what previous cultures have known for centuries.  You can go as close as your bible to find that information.  Start your own journey of research. Ask questions. Seek a better solution, if possible.

Be well,


Frankincense ‘Fights Cancer’

Frankincense Cancer Treatment

Honestly, I read this headline and took a big deep breath. The news is based on a University of Leicester press release entitled “Christmas gift brings treatment hope for cancer patients”. Unfortunately, many more Christmases are likely to pass before anyone is treated with frankincense for ovarian cancer. The report states:

The “aromatic substance from the Nativity story could help treat ovarian tumors”

I love what essential oils can do for my daily life. My problems seem so insignificant dealing with digestion issues and hormones when compared to someone battling cancer.  What brings my heart hope is this; traditional medicine and health care professionals are at least open to alternative ways to treat and battle cancer.

This report based on positive early findings from research carried out on the AKBA compound found in frankincense and ovarian cancer cells in a lab. Researchers have been able to show the ability of the compound to combat cancer cells in late-stage ovarian cancer.

Ovarian Cancer  affects thousands of  women each year and is the fifth most common cancer among women.  As the symptoms of ovarian cancer can be similar to those of other conditions, it can be difficult to recognize, particularly in the early stages of the disease. However, there are early symptoms to look out for, such as persistent bloating, pain in the pelvis and lower stomach, and difficulty eating.

The study has not yet been published in a peer reviewed scientific journal, so the findings reported should be treated with caution. With only the press release available it is not possible to fully appraise the design and methods of this study.

Even with all of the disclaimers, the amazing properties of frankincense and their effect on the body is at least, noteworthy and cause for hope with those that struggle with cancer.

Frankincense is a fragrant plant resin that comes from the Boswelllia sacra tree found across Africa and the Arabian peninsula, including Yemen and Oman. It is one of the famous gifts said to have been given by the Wise Men when they visited newborn Jesus.

Frankincense has been used as a folk medicine for centuries due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Previous studies have linked the AKBA compound as a potential treatment for other cancers as well as osteoarthritis.

I can breathe now. These findings and research are hopeful, but not yet conclusive. It certainly could not hurt to use frankincense. In fact, one day we may find it is a major player in the fight against ovarian cancer.

Be Blessed. Keep Praying. Keep Oiling.


Source used: PubMed Health

Texas Hospital Trains Nurses Using Essential Oils

Essential Oils in Hospitals

I find it amazing that physicians now are encouraging and training nurses and other health care professionals to use essential oils. This is a fact being played out in hospitals across the United States, aromatherapy treatments do have a legitimate role in modern medicine. In a recent article written and published at NurseZone.com by Debra Wood, RN, she states:

“At Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital in Texas, for instance, nurses have learned to tap the healing art of aromatherapy to lower patients’ stress levels and their own.”

Susan Shield, MBA, RN, NE-BC, director of the cancer program at Harris Methodist and certified clinical aromatherapy consultant and instructor states in the article:

“We see reported decreases in the use of pain medications.”  “Patients tell us they seem more relaxed. In people who are not verbal, we see decreases in agitation and decreases in muscle twitching.”

Some of Harris Methodists nursing supervisors heard about aromatherapy at a conference led by international expert Jane Buckle, Ph.D., RN, and critical care nurse. She was brought to the hospital to train 15 practitioners. The hospital drafted guidelines for the use of essential oils and their therapy.

I predict we will see more and more traditional medical professionals turn to aromatherapy through essential oils in exponential numbers. Why? Because it works. I am so grateful that I have discovered essential oils at this point in my life. Essentials oils have been around for centuries and their uses and success have been documented way before “modern western” medicine noticed their extraordinary benefit.

Not only do patients experience benefit from the aromatherapy, but the nursing staff on duty when the oils are diffused all saw a decrease in their stress levels. I will share one more insight from this article from Susan Shields in the benefit of helping cancer nurses using essential oils to help start IVs.

“There are chemical components in the essential oils, like pepper, that are vasodilators,” Shields said. “We dilute it in a carrier oil and apply it to the skin. About 15 minutes later, the veins pop up. It also deadens the skin somewhat.”

My journey has just begun with essential oils. I thoroughly find great delight in helping others find a solution to their pain, and other ailments through essential oils.

Source: Nursezone.com